Adult Lullabies at Daine Singer

Adult Lullabies
06/12/17 - 22/12/17 at Daine Singer

In Adult Lullabies, Clare Longley explores the kind of romantic idealism you project on to falling in love or walks along the beach during sunset. Assembling a series of visual motifs distinct to her practice, the paintings are innocent, sketchy, and incomplete in parts, like a memory or something intangible. Completely immersed in the atmosphere of seduction, but with a sprinkle of failure, the paintings allude to first kisses, butterflies in your stomach and beach house décor.


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Image credit: Clare Rae

We Make Memories

We Make Memories 

 15/11/17 - 01/12/17 at Seventh Gallery

Alice McIntosh, Clare Longley, Honey Long, Julia Trybala, Madeleine Russo, Mashara Wachjudy, Nicholas Smith, Prue Stent 

Curated by Clare Longley

 Book yourself a trip to 7UP. Eloping with a lover, finding the time to relax and unwind, or just looking to catch a breath of fresh air? Whatever the occasion, we promise to entice your senses with out unique packages and world-class experiences designed to cool you down as it heats up this summer. We make memories. 

 Emerging from the growing momentum of spring and the anticipation of summer, We Make Memories engages with the flirtatious energy in the air at this time of year, and humorously toys with the commercialisation of seasons and self-care. 

 Image Credit Prue Stent 

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