Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy, Kings Artist-Run, 2017. 

 Clare Longley, Gian Manik, Honey Long, India Salvor Menuez, Isabella Connelley, Jerome Jabari, Loralee Newitt, Prue Stent and Ro Noonan. 

 Curated by Clare Longley. 

 Massage involves working and acting on the body with pressure. The presence of a human body on a massage table, as a constructed situation forces us to experience somewhat objective relaxation, and we lean into it, cherishing the stock image frangipani wallpaper and overwhelming aroma that veils the body odour of strangers. Massage Therapy surveys this notion in a corporeal and theatrical sense, as a conduit for contemplating how spaces or interactions can be fabricated to invite a sense of not-necessarily-genuine intimacy. How far can the giver go in helping the receiver get there, and under what circumstances are we prepared to be seduced? 

 03/-3/17 - 25/03/17. Image Credit: Aaron Rees. 

Afferent Detergent, Jerome Jabari and Clare Longley - LINK TO SOUND 

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