BuoyRR is an annual weeklong residency and retreat program for womyn in Deep River, Connecticut. Performing artists are invited as duos to create an original work on the land culminating in an interactive public performance. This year’s site-specific piece was entitled Recharge/Her: confronting control, realizing our extremes, and exposing the self.

Image credit: Pola Esther 

Founders: Bailey Nolan and Viva Soudan 

 Residents: Clare Longley, Honey Long, Prue Stent, My Djoerup, Maria Nadia Shmidt, Olimpia Dior, Jo Rosenthal, Emily Doubilet, Ashlyyn Manning, Mieke Gentis, Claire Brisendie, Rene Manere, Vilda Gonzalez, Susannah Simpson, Fitch Ball, Amanda Wallace and Leticia Sampedro. 

 Mentors: India Salvor Menuez, Claire Christerson, Alexandra Marzella, Monica Mirabelle and Wesley Flash

More documentation to come! 

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